House Number Curb Appeal

May 9, 2015

Our house numbers have always been difficult to see from the road, especially at night. So I thought it would be fun to paint large numbers on the front steps for cute curb appeal and increased visibility!

The first task I had to take on was picking a font! I jumped onto Microsoft Word, typed in my house numbers and started scrolling through fonts to pick out a few favorites. I narrowed it down to eight. After staring at them for about 15 minutes and texting a few friends to get their input, I picked option “e”. The font is Rockwell. I was torn between “a” and “e”, but I thought “e” would be easier to cut out and paint because of the sharper corners.



House Number OptionsAfter picking the font, I went out to the front steps to measure how tall I wanted the numbers to be. I returned to the computer and enlarged the font to the desired size.

Now, a normal person would probably print out their numbers, but I wanted to save printer ink. 🙂 I cut out a piece of printer paper and carefully taped it to my laptop screen. I know, I know, I’m sure this is frowned upon. But, I will tell you I used painters tape and I stuck it/unstuck it to my shirt a few times to de-sticky it. I then carefully and lightly traced my numbers, one at a time.


After this, I found an old cracker box in the recycling and cut it into rectangles to use as my stencil. I placed my newly traced number on top of the cardboard and then taped them both to my cutting board. I then cut the number out using my Fiskars Fingertip Craft Knife. This razor is awesome for precision cutting and so easy to hold! I repeated this for each of my numbers. Even though I have duplicate numbers in my address, I still did two “3s” to make things easier when it was time to paint.


Cardboard Stencil #5

This is awesome.



I was almost ready to paint! I headed out front with the stencils and the numbers that I had cut out. I first taped up the numbers that I had punched out of the stencils to center them on the stairs just where I wanted them.


Once centered (sorry, I didn’t take a good straight-on picture) I placed the stencils over each number and taped them loosely in place. I then used a level to make sure they were positioned as I wanted. I adjusted their positioning/tape as necessary. I then took each stencil off one at a time and sprayed with Elmer’s CraftBond Multi-Pupose Spray Adhesive. I quickly placed the stencil back on the step— guided by the punched out number still in place. I pressed down to firmly stick in place. I repeated for each number and then taped all edges to protect the stairs when painting.


I was ready to paint! I used some leftover white concrete paint from painting the cinderblock walls in the basement a few years ago. I used a small 3″ roller to apply the paint. I made sure to use the paint sparingly as not to let it bleed underneath the stencil. It helped that I used the CraftBond, but it was not fool proof. Once I had painted each number I took the stencils off to reveal my work!


Finally! Numbers that can be seen from the street at night. (Our house numbers also used to be black and I spray painted them white too!) I used a hobby knife when I was done to scrape away a few stray paint marks that bled underneath the cardboard stencil.




  1. Pick number font
  2. Print (or trace!) at desired size
  3. Place number on top of cardboard and cut out stencil
  4. Punch out numbers (make sure to cut them whole to use in the next step)
  5. Place numbers on the steps to determine desired location
  6. Use spray adhesive on the back of each stencil and stick them on the stairs using your taped on numbers as a guide
  7. Remove punched out numbers from inside the stencil
  8. Tape stencils in place to protect steps when painting
  9. Paint
  10. Remove stencils
  11. Touch up any bleeding with hobby knife




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