House Number Curb Appeal

May 9, 2015

Our house numbers have always been difficult to see from the road, especially at night. So I thought it would be fun to paint large numbers on the front steps for cute curb appeal and increased visibility!

The first task I had to take on was picking a font! I jumped onto Microsoft Word, typed in my house numbers and started scrolling through fonts to pick out a few favorites. I narrowed it down to eight. After staring at them for about 15 minutes and texting a few friends to get their input, I picked option “e”. The font is Rockwell. I was torn between “a” and “e”, but I thought “e” would be easier to cut out and paint because of the sharper corners.

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Cape Cod

February 1, 2015

My parents, husband and I took a wonderful nine day trip to Cape Cod in the fall. Here are some of the towns we visited and highlights!


  • Boardwalk
  • Dexter Grist Mill

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Gold Animal Jars

January 24, 2015

Don’t these look like a million bucks?! They were SO easy (and affordable) to make too!

A friend invited me to a gold craft night where the materials needed to “goldify” were supplied and all we had to do was bring something we wanted to make gold!

Knowing the date for the craft night was quickly approaching, I set out to find the materials! I found the jars at Tuesday Morning. I was so excited to stumble across these because I wanted to find something like a mason jar, but more unique … these were perfect! I picked up a set of four, for only $8! Next I headed over to my favorite party store for the animals. They sold 12-packs and also had a bulk section where you could pick and choose individual animals. I bought a pack of safari animals and also picked-up a few dogs from the bulk section.

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